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How to protect your solar water pump control box from lightning.

cedar solar lightning protection

Lightning strikes is a reality in Africa, especially in the high-veld where we see many thunder storms throughout the year. To prevent lighting from damaging your solar water pump control box. This is the best solution that we have found so far for solar pump lightning protection. It does take a bit of extra time during installation, but in the long run it will be worth it.

solar pump lightning protection

Put the electric cable running from the borehole (pump) to the control box inside galvanized pipe. This pipe is then usually buried in the ground. Galvanized pipe is the same pipe you get from old windmills. The pipe then goes into the ground. This protects your solar water pump from lightning strikes. The projects where we have used this method has not been affected by lighting strikes. This method for solar pump lightning protection has been proven to be effective.

Also remember to notify your insurance about your solar water pump, then if something goes wrong you will be able to claim form the insurance. If you need more help with this method please give us a call and we will help you.

Another risk is theft of panels. We will discuss this in another blog, but this is also essential for your solar pump protection. If you put the panels high above the ground it is usually safe, we also have special mounting systems that makes theft almost impossible. The South African conditions are definitly the toughest in the world, but we have found solutions for most problems you may encounter. We also designed our pumps specifically for African conditions. Watch out for inexpensive imports, they are sometimes not optimized for local conditions and may break. Soos die oumense altyd gese het; Goedkoop koop is duur koop.

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