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Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Custom Off-Grid Solar Solutions

We monitor your power consumption to spec a custom off-grid solar system that will suit your household/business energy needs.

With an off-grid system you are not connected to the power grid. Your system will generate  power during the day and the surplus will be stored in batteries for use at night. 

Solar Panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day when the sun shines. The Inverter converts DC electricity to AC to power home appliances. During the day excess electricity stored in batteries.

We will help you with the process of determining exactly what size system you need, we will then install the system and we also provide tools to ensure that you monitor and manage your solar system after installation. This is very important to minimize your payback period and get the most out of your solar investment.

Off Grid Solar Installation
Off Grid Solar Installation Namibia

Off Grid Solar Installation

Power-In-A-Box (Mobile Off-Grid Solar Solution)

POWER IN A BOX is a pre-packaged off-grid solar system that can run household appliances such as lights, TV, decoder, radio, hi-fi, laptops small fridge, freezer etc.

This is an easy solution for power generation an consumption. It is easy to use without complex installation methods; simply plug and play. Designed to be moved around conveniently with its rugged wheels. You can simply load it and transport to your destination. Ideal for rural and staff housing.

power in a box

This Information is for the 3 KVA-6P System.

3KVA Power in a Box Includes:   6 x 90 Watt panels; 4 x 105 AH Dixon deep cycle batteries

1 x Axpert KS Inverter 3000VA/2400W -24Volt; 1 x 10m solar cable and MC4 connector

1 x 30 A DC Isolator double pole; 1 x Cooling fan; 1 X Multi plug.

System Capacity


Max Power drawn from appliances = Output 2400watts Surge 4800w

Can run the following continuously:

  • 5 x LED(5w) = +-25W/hour
  • LED 42 inch TV +-80W/hour
  • DSTV +-50W/hour
  • Small fridge +-150l 120W/hour
  • Alarm system +-50w
  • Computer +- 350w
  • Stand alone fan +- 80W

TOTAL 465W/hour

Battery Capacity:

  • 2520w x 0.7(using 70% of Battery) x 0.95 (Inverter Efficiency)
  • = 1680w Available / 465W/hour
  • 3.6 Hours run time should all above appliances run simultaneously; or up to 7.6 hours on essential loads


220VAC~230VAC, 50HZ @ 12.2Amps.

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