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Off-Grid Solar Installation Namibia

Off-Grid Solar Installation Namibia 3Kva Growatt Inverter 6x 255W Trina Solar Panels 8x 102Ah Silver Calcium Batteries

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Cedar Solar Installation

Community Water Project Witbank

We installed a solar water pump system for communities in Witbank.

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Dream Ranch Bird Sanctuary

The Dream Ranch Bird Sanctuary is a multi-pump installation that delivers in excess of 200 000 liters of water daily, over a distance of 3km.    

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Security Village Off-Grid 20kW

4 x 5KVA Cedar Axpert Off-Grid Inverters 64 x Trojan 6V, 225AH Batteries 48 x 255W Solar Panels ​Schletter Mounts

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The US PeaceCorps 10kW On-Grid Installation

40x 255W Trina Solar Moduels 1x Advanced Energy 10TL Inverter Schletter Corrugated Mounts

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