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DC Solar Water Pumps

DC Solar Water Pumps

We have been selling our range of DC solar water pumps in South Africa for the last 9 years. The DC pump range works well for heads up to 112 meters. Submit your borehole details here and we will send you a free PUMP SIZING REPORT.

This will ensure you get exactly the pump you need.

The Models in the DC Range are

  • Ceva 55 with 2 x 90w modules
  • Ceva 55 with 1 x 300w modules
  • Ceva 80 with 3 x 90w modules
  • Ceva 80 with 2 x 250w modules
  • Ceva 80 with 6 x 90w modules
  • Ceva 100 with 2 x 300w modules
  • Bovem 70 with 2 x 300w modules
  • Bovem 140 with 6 x 250w modules
  • Fortis 130 with 4 x 250w modules

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